I believe in using healthy products on my skin which is the largest organ on the human body. As a breast cancer survivor, I am acutely conscious of what I eat and also what I use on my body. These handmade products appeal to me because they help keep my skin clean, young, fresh and natural.

The ZYZVEN products are handmade in Sweden and use a variety of organic herbs, fruit powders, and various kinds of clays, coconut butter, and pure essential oils. The products are made by hand in small batches using nothing but our good earth’s skin loving ingredients.

Why handmade?

In a world filled with pollution and chemicals, we have to go back to the beginning. And why not start with our self and our body?

Commercial soap sold in stores is often made with chemical detergents, hardeners and synthetic lathering agents. Some of these ingredients can be drying or irritating on the skin. On the other hand, handmade soap created with oils, liquid and lye does not contain these harsh ingredients and qualifies as “soap”.

I believe NATURAL should be NATURAL!