Conditioning Goat’s Milk Soap – 8 oz


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Soft, Supple Skin:  Our naturally-derived Goat’s Milk soap is easily absorbed into your skin for a soft, smooth  complexion. Also helps provides gentle exfoliation, removes dead cells to promote a smooth and radiant glow.

Also has  skin-friendly acids and Vitamins A and E.  Shea Butter is a great go-to for hydration. Our Goat’s Milk soap benefits the complexion by boosting collagen production and soothing tight, dry skin.  Helps reduce the signs of aging  skin.

In addition,we added rich  honey to our Goat’s Milk formula, which is known for its ability to promote and repair  skin.  Also opens and cleans pores while  supporting structural growth. This results  in firmer, more youthful, skin.


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