Gyal Balance (PCOS Blend)

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-Helps PCOS, PMS, heavy bleeding

-Helps with hormonal balance

-Aid in sleep, relieve tiredness


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This is a hormone blend (max strength) to support Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) as well as other hormonal balance. The most common women disorders affecting the reproductive system. It has  has over 15 herbal products used  that are grown in Jamaica, and Africa.. It penetrates the skin without the harmful chemicals. In addition the Gyal Balance is applied to pressure point on necks, ear and hands and quickly relaxes the hormones. Its he natural ingredients uses in the products that is making a difference. Also it is highly recommended to be used as an everyday essential oil for calming the nerves. Customers love the feel, look and aroma of this product. Grab yours!

It calms relaxes and have a lasting effect on hormonal imbalance.

Apply to pressure points 2-3 times per day and enjoy the delightful aromas as  the oils go to work for you.


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