Licorice Soap

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The combination of licorice and kojic acid helps to fade sun damage, ageing and scars, leaving your skin feeling fresh and bright. Licorice can also firm up your skin and fight the symptoms of acne, helping you to look younger and leaving your skin more radiant than before.

Licorice decreases the production of melanin and re balances skin cells. Consistent use will minimize dark spots from scars, acne and hyper-pigmentation

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‘-Designed to lessen the appearance of age spots, freckles and scars.

-Also Effectively fights  acne spots, scars and blemishes

-Licorice Extract helps to disperse and inhibit the production of melanin

-In addition, Kojic acid helps to safely and gently lighten the look of skin

– Does not contain harmful bleaches or hydroquinone or mercury.

We have combined two natural skin whitening agents and come up with a soap that will not only cleanse you but aids in getting that lighter glowing complexion. That’s our Licorice soap with Kojic Acid. Try a soap that fights for you.


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